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    Boslego Risk Services 


    Trades oil and natural gas futures contracts with a disciplined approach that has been highly successful.


    Unlike hedge funds, in which a large percentage of your investment capital may be sitting in cash to fund drawdowns, we utilize a line-of-credit approach in which most of your capital will be put to work. The results of this approach have vastly exceeded hedge fund returns.



    Note: We do not solicit funds. Our funding comes by way of our reputation and referrals.



  • Robert Boslego

    Managing Director, BRS

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    Harvard College, Economics (Honors), BA


    First Undergraduate to write a Harvard Business School Case Study, entitled,


    Industrialized World and Oil

    Economics Thesis,

    OPEC Pricing Strategy


    First Undergraduate Associate of Center for International Affairs

    founded by Henry Kissinger, who maintined his offce while U.S, Secretary of State.


    OPEC Pricing Strategy: A Mathematical And Economic Determination


    Reasarch Associate to HBS Professor Robert B. Stobough who wrote NYT Best-Seller

    Energy Futures

    and also mentored Daniel Yergin.


    Stanford Graduate School of Business, MBA

    Focus on Finance and Statistics

    Studied financial

    portfolio theory under Professor William F. Sharpe, who was awarded the 1990 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for developing models to assist with investment decision making.

  • Partial List Former Clients


    Chase Manhattan Bank

    U.S. Petroleum Reserve Office

    PhIbro Energy




    Getty Trading and Transport

    Exxon U.S.A.

    Exxon International






    Ashland Petroleum

    Phillips Petroleum

    Petro=Canada (in Chairman's private jet)

    U.S> Department of Energy

    Petróleos Mexicanos

    Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A

    Saudi Aramco

    TotalEnergies (Paris and U.S.)

    Cabot Corporation (U.S. and Paris)

    Azienda Generale Italiana Petroli (Rome amd Amsterdam)_

    Burlington-Northern Railway

    Union Pacific Resources

    Canadian Pacific Railway  

    Delta Airlines

    Northwest Airlines

    Statoil (Norway and U.S.)

    BP Trading

    Sempra EnergyTrading

    Donald Sussman

    Shell Oil Trading

    Louis Dreyfus Trading


    Kodiak Venture Partners

    Weather Trends International

    Cushing® Asset Management, LP

    Saugatuck EnergyTrading


  • Book



    Energy Futures : Trading Opportunities  

    by John Elting Treat and Robert Boslego.

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    The president of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) asked Boslego to make presentations about oil hedging at NYMEX-sponsored events to major oil companies. He later asked Boslego to write about hedging in the editions of this book (1990 and 2000).

  • World Press

    A sampling of quotes in the news from around the world.

    United Kingdom

    "The IPO of Saudi Aramco: Some Fundamental Questions," The Oxford Institute of Energy Studies (footnotes 4 and 24).




    "Oil and Price Risk," Metalli Prezosi.
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    "Famed oil trader Pierre Andurand is emerging as one of the biggest hedge fund losers this year after the banking crisis sent shock waves through commodities markets. "His main Andurand Commodities Discretionary Enhanced Fund has slumped about 40% so far this year, according to people with...