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    Boslego 70.7 %.... Oil 8.2 %.... SPY 13.0 %


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  • Robert Boslego

    Managing Director, BRS

    Harvard College, Economics (Honors), BA

    Harvard Business School Case Study, "Industrialized World and Oil"

    Economics Thesis, "OPEC Pricing Strategy"


    Stanford Graduate School of Business, MBA

  • World Press

    A sampling of quotes in the news from around the world.

    United Kingdom

    "The IPO of Saudi Aramco: Some Fundamental Questions," The Oxford Institute of Energy Studies (footnotes 4 and 24).




    "Oil and Price Risk," Metalli Prezosi.
  • Book


    Energy Futures : Trading Opportunities 

    by John Elting Treat and Robert Boslego.

    The president of the New York Mercantile Exchange asked me to make presentations about oil hedging at NYMEX-sponsored events to major oil companies. He later asked me to write about hedging in the editions of this book.

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    Green. Yellow. Red. An efficient daily signal to manage positions. You can understand it in a split second. No reading. You decide what it means for your investment process.

    Daily price signals are based on a strategy developed by Boslego Risk Services called Vertical Risk Management (VRM). Click here for a slideshow presentation.


    The SEC Commissioner quoted my article about VRM twice (footnotes 21 and 27), and Wells Fargo first rebutted my article, then launched retirement funds based on my concept two years later.

    Model portfolio updated daily with trades provided within minutes.

    Concise, timely analysis and skillful projections for oil and gas traders and investors. Click here to read an Introduction to the membership service. Live member chat room for on-going discussion of the market and trading.



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