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    You can't change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sail.

  • Robert Boslego

    Innovative Analyst

    Managing Director, BRS


    Harvard College, Economics (Honors), BA

    Stanford Graduate School of Business, MBA

  • World Press

    A sampling of recent quotes in the news from around the world. 

    United Kingdom

    "The IPO of Saudi Aramco: Some Fundamental Questions," The Oxford Institute of Energy Studies (footnotes 4 and 24).




    "Oil and Price Risk," Metalli Prezosi.
  • Why We Do

    Manage your risk for a smoother investment experience.

    Loss Tolerances May Be Low

    Leading to locking-in losses.

    Investors react poorly to losses. They often find that their loss tolerance is much lower than they had believed. This can lead to exiting investments and locking-in losses.

    Manage Downside Risks

    Vertical Risk Management

    The best investment may be one an investor will not abandon in down cycles in order to realize gains in up cycles. This is best accomplished by managing the downside risk.

  • What We Do

    Guidance Services to Help You Be A Better Investor

    Price Signal Services

    An efficient, daily signal to manage risk. A simple green, yellow or red light you can understand in a split second. No reading.

    Daily price signals are based on a strategy developed by Boslego Risk Services called Vertical Risk Management (VRM). Click here for a slideshow presentation. The SEC Commissioner quoted my article about VRM twice (footnotes 21 and 27), and Wells Fargo first rebutted my article, then launched retirement funds based on my concept two years later.

    If you want to read, this is a value-added, premium investment service. Seeking Alpha named me as a top opinion leader in commodities.

    Concise, timely analysis and skillful projections for oil and gas traders and investors. The former president of the New York Mercantile Exchange selected me to write the chapter on hedging in his book, Energy Futures, in his 1990 and 2000 editions.

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