What We Do

Boslego Risk Services ("BRS")


BRS provides both custom-tailored consulting and information services as well as subscription services.

Consulting Services

Focuses on the management of financial risk for a wide variety of clients, from energy corporations, to large end-users of energy products, to hedge funds, and investment advisers. The end goal of most BRS consulting assignments is the development of customized strategies and processes for the client to use to effectively manage risk.

For most clients, this process generally includes the following tasks:

  • defining objectives
  • assessing risk exposures
  • determining risk tolerances
  • defining performance criteria
  • developing strategies
  • testing strategies
  • explaining results and gaining agreement
  • establishing client capabilities
  • monitoring and evaluating results.

    Subscription Services

    Target Risk Allocation Services

    After more than 30 years of experience in developing risk management strategies, BRS has created a model that can help financial advisers determine portfolio allocations for their clients based on Robert Shiller's CAPE ratio and BRS' hedging algorithms.   

    We believe that there is an increasing demand among investors for investment strategies that limit losses to more tolerable levels. We believe that limiting losses to investors' tolerances will provide a  superior investment experience for clients.

    For a presentation about, and to subscribe to, our Target Risk Allocation Services, see below.


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